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SleekClean® MicroFiber Cloth

SleekClean® MicroFiber Cloth

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FEATURES: Ultra-soft and extremely fine microfiber fabric absorbs and gently lifts away fingerprints, oil smudges, dust, and dirt. Safe for cleaning all types of delicate surfaces like eyeglasses, sunglasses, camera lenses, binoculars, telescopes, laptops, tablets, computer monitors, TVs, and jewelry.

DESIGN: Specially designed saw tooth pattern fused edges prevents fraying. The included grey cloth can be used to set your cameras white balance. Individually wrapped to keep the cloth clean and dry so it will always be ready for use.

CONVENIENT: Conveniently sized to fit in your pocket, camera bag, eyeglasses case. Can be machine or hand washed in warm water with like materials. Don't use any type of detergent, fabric softener, or bleach.

PACKAGE INCLUDES: 5, 10, 15, 20 Pieces 

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