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Magnetic Car Steering Wheel Phone Holder - Free Delivery

Magnetic Car Steering Wheel Phone Holder - Free Delivery

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Car Phone Holder Magnetic Steering Wheel Mobile Smartphone Stand Magnet Support Cell in Car GPS.

1. The metal is made from self balancing wheel bearings, the cellphone is in the next position, easy to use and safe.

2. The student is installed and transported, and can be operated with one hand even when driving.

3. The magnetic field is stable and will not interfere with the signal.

4. It will not harm the phone and affect the navigation signal.

5. Use a strong rubber mat to remove any glue residue.

6. It can be used not only in cars, but also in the world.

7. Colorful life, four colors are available.

8. Light and stylish, the cat looks cute and doesn't take up space.

9. Suitable for cell phones of different sizes. The disk is connected to the back of the phone.
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